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Starting a clothing line can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t have interest or passion in it. It requires a high degree of creativity, artistry, and passion for navigating this competitive business environment. This is because, in the fashion world, innovative brands pop up every week, if not every day. So if you are not up to speed, you might not make it. But like any other business venture, starting a business of selling clothes for money requires a lot of research, meticulous planning, systematic preparation and above all, hard work. To get things on the move, here are the steps to starting your clothing line on a shoestring budget:

Don’t burn money when starting to sell clothes online

One of the main upsides to online clothes business opportunities is that they require low upfront capital costs. When starting in this business, the largest expense will be procuring the clothes to sell online. Chances are you will source clothes from different fashion designers. Choose one that offers reasonable wholesale prices. Don’t source clothes from large-scale fashion designers. They tend to have a minimum stock order to be able to buy from them, which can be costly. Go to smaller designers or manufacturers who are open to negotiations and allow you to buy any quantity of stock. This will enable you to negotiate a good deal that will widen your profit margin.

You might also decide to manufacturer clothes yourself. If that’s true, start with the most basic equipment. You can upgrade your equipment once the business has experienced monumental growth. And you don’t need to rent a premise to manufactures your clothes at the beginning. You can produce them from your home until your business takes off.

Strengthen your brand when you sell clothes for money

The fashion industry is growing fast, and competition is stiffer than ever. If you want your brand to get noticed quickly, you have to deliver authentic products. Harness fashion inspiration from the environment and your personality. Consumers in the fashion world are savvier than any other consumer. They will notice momentarily if you try to be generic or insincere when branding. For example, if you’re a millennial, you might succeed in your endeavor if you focus on selling zip-up hoodies and snapbacks instead of suits or office-related clothing. Also, when designing your website, ensure it has a look and feel that aligns with your brand. Customers will bounce off your site if they realize it’s poorly designed and doesn’t reflect your brand. When building a website for your clothing brand, don’t start with the custom design website; it’s too expensive. Start with clothing websites templates, which are cheap and easy to set up.

Research your market and devise clear marketing strategies

Once your clothing brand is up and running, it’s time to research your market. First, research your competitors. Perform Google search about your competitors and look at their business models regarding size, unique selling points, prices and geographical outreach. Take their strong points and implement them on your business while maintaining originality.

Considering that the clothing business is highly competitive these days, make a point to devise a clear marketing strategy upfront. Don’t go for paid advertising at the beginning. Leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to market your clothing business for free.

Start to sell clothes online immediately

The clothing business is advantageous because it’s not massively regulated like other businesses. You don’t need a certificate or license to get started. So you can set up your store today and start selling clothes instantly. The earlier you start, the faster you will get to grips with the market and scale your business.


When creating your clothing brand, flare and enthusiasm are keys to succeed. You should dedicate every ounce of your energy, every resource and time to make your online store stay ahead of the competition.

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